Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki

Tortimer Island (リゾートアイランド, Rizōto Airando, Resort Island) is a location introduced in Animal Crossing; New Leaf, partially based on Animal Island.

How to unlock[]

To unlock the island, you need to have payed off your second home loan for 39,800 bells. The next day, Tortimer will be at the dock. Talk to him and the next day, you will be able to go to the island for 1,000 bells.


Red hibiscus start 5
Y.-hibiscus start 5
Yellow/Blue/Red Aloha Tee 15
Silver axe 8
Toy hammer 10
Aloha shorts 15
Captain's hat 15
Pirate's hat 15
Sailor's hat 15
Sand Castle 46
Snorkel mask 20
Beach table 30
Wave breaker 35
Wet suit (any color) 40
Each Cabana series furniture piece (including flooring and wallpaper) 40
Each Mermaid series furniture piece (including flooring and wallpaper) 40
Club Tortimer application 50
Diver Dan 60
Whirlpool bath 70
Treasure chest 150
Sea globe 20