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"I caught a tuna! And now it's stuck in my head!"
Scientific Name
Thunnus thynnus
Scombridae - Tuna
Time of Year
Time of Day
All day
Selling Price
7,000 Bells

The TunaThunnus thynnus, is a rare oceanic fish that can be found all day, between the months of November and March. It can be sold for 7,000 Bells. When fishing for tuna they are very picky, you must have incredible reflexes to catch one.


An information board in the aquarium will provide information about this fish.

"Tuna can reach almost 10 feet in length and weigh over 800 pounds, which is huge in the fish world. Combining this great size with their good flavor makes them literally the biggest catch for most anglers. Tuna can't breathe when they aren't moving, so their entire lives revolve around constantly swimming. To sleep, they merely slow down. This ability to swim while sleeping is a huge advantage. They're also rather fast, capable of beating both sets of fins so hard they reach speeds of 50 mph."

In real life[]


The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is native to both the western and eastern Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. They are capable of reaching well over 450 kilograms (990 lb) in weight, and rival the Black Marlin, Blue Marlin and Swordfish as the largest Perciformes. The Atlantic bluefin tuna typically hunts small fish and invertebrates such as sardines, herring, mackerel, squid and crustaceans.

Throughout recorded history, the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna has been highly prized as a food fish. Bluefin have been a valuable commercial catch from the time of the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians to the modern era. Besides their commercial value as food, their great size and the speed and power they display as apex predators has attracted the admiration and respect of both ancient and modern fishermen, as well as writers, sport anglers and scientists.