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Weeding Day
March 2nd 640px-Flag of South Korea.png

Last Friday of April USFlag.gif EUFlag.png
September 3rd JPFlag.png

6am to 7pm
Special Character(s)

Weeding Day is an annual event that occurs on a different day depending on which version of the game you have. American and European players will have this event on the last Friday of April. Japanese players will have it on September 3rd. Korean players will have it on March 2nd.

Leif will close the Gardening Shop today, so head over to the event plaza to meet up with him. Because of this, the event isn't available until the Gardening Shop is unlocked. The event is a day for the villagers to remove weeds around town to make the town a nicer place to live. Though, just like any task, it's entirely up to the player. Clovers do not count as weeds during this event.


If the player starts up the day with zero weeds in their town, Leif will suggest three new topiary-themed public works projects.

If you talk to Leif while there are weeds in the town, he will ask you to pluck a certain number of weeds. Every time the player pulls out the requested number of weeds, he/she will be rewarded with a piece of the Flower Set.

This event relies entirely on there being enough weeds to pluck. Since most people try to keep a tidy town, this may be difficult for some to get the whole set.


Main article: Flower Set

Once the player has removed the number of weeds Leif asked for, he will reward them with an item from the Flower Set. Below is a list of the pieces. Click above to see a more detailed list.

  • Azalea Stool
  • Cosmos Fan
  • Flower Bouquet
  • Hibiscus Clock
  • Hydrangea Bed
  • Lily Record Player
  • Lily Lamp
  • Pansy Table
  • Rose Sofa
  • Sunflower Stereo
  • Tulip Dresser
  • Violet Screen
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